Meeresschildkrötenprojekt in Guatemala

Meeresschildkröte auf der Hand von Anika in Guatemala

Anika hat uns aus Guatemala einen tollen Bericht über ihre Aufgaben im Projekt geschrieben:

I was at a project as a volunteer for 3 weeks. Before I went there I took 1 week of Spanish lessons in a Spanish School to be prepared for the rest of the my stay in Guatemala, but no worries, in the park everyone speaks English.

Beitrag-Anika-Zimmermann-1 - KopieWhen I arrived at the park the first thing I noticed was the heat, I never thought that I could stay there for 3 weeks, but it is impressive how fast you get used to it. Everybody there was very friendly, all the other volunteers and the staff as well.

During my first days I got all the instructions like how to bury the eggs, how to release the hatchlings and everything about the night patrols, given by Lucia and mostly Jean.
After a short while in the park, I got used to all the work and I got kind of a daily routine. At daytime you have to complete your daily chores and activities all about the ranch and the park. There is board which tells you what to do.

Most of the turtle work is during the evenings and nights, like buying turtle eggs for parlameros and burying them, and of course, the night patrols to find turtles and collect the eggs.

Beitrag-Anika-Zimmermann-3 - KopieI was very lucky because I have been there during the turtle season, so we got to first measure and then realize thousands of turtle hatchlings!!!

The work was a lot of fun and it was so nice to meet new people from around the world. Saturday night and Sunday was our time of and we went to Monterrico for some drinks or visited the pool. Finally in my last night, after I almost gave up at 4:00 am in the morning I found “my own” turtle which laid 114 eggs!!!! It was the best feeling after a hard time of patrolling!!!!!

Thanks to all the people from my project for the great time and I am honestly going to miss the park and all the people I met there.


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